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Find Yourself in the Hoop!

Hooping.... What It's All About!

Introduced in 2004 Hoopnotica quickly became the premier company for hula hooping! By 2012 HoopnoticaFit was launched and has quickly become one of Hoopnotica's most popular trainings with hundreds of certified instructors across North America and Europe. This fun, high-energy program was designed to be our most versatile, appealing not only to devoted hoopers, but also to fitness professionals looking for the most fun and effective way to help clients achieve their goals.

HoopnoticaFit combines a deep understanding of physiology and cutting-edge fitness concepts with the hula hoop’s undeniable playfulness to provide you with workouts that are as accessible as they are effective. This training also covers a wealth of modifications for all fitness and ability levels, along with variations and sequences keeping classes fresh from week to week. Always adding to their curriculum in 2014, Hoopnotica launched its Hoopnotica Kids program, a sure fire success with  fun games and hooping aimed specifically at kids and kids at heart!

WHY Hoop?

• Increase energy and lose weight
• Relieve stress & relax
• Improve balance, rhythm and coordination
• Tighten abs and lose inches off your waist
• Tone your butt, thighs and arms
• Increase flexibility and stamina
• Improve core strength and posture
• But mostly: it’s FUN and addictive, so you’ll do it again and again!


Hoopnotica Certified Instructor Heather Dexheimer was trained by Master Certified Hoopnotica trainers Jen & Keith Moore who have not only built an amazing Hoop family in their home town of Rochester New York and travel all over the US training new hoopnotica instructors but they are a true inspiration! Jen has lost over 150 lbs hooping & hubby Keith has lost over 120 lbs hooping with Hoopnotica! Heather has also been carving inches and pounds as well since starting her Hoopnotica Journey!



Coming Soon:

Toddler time with Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver... Little kids love to hoop! In this class designed especially for the tiny boppers they will learn a little bit of ballet skills learning how to use the hoop as a ballet barre just like in the kid and adult classes but they will also get to play some fun games with the hoops and learn how to the hoop swirls around their body even when they just give it  a simple spin and how to properly hold the hoops to make it go around even more. Games and family time is a big focus here and sure to be just as much fun for the adults as the toddlers!  



Kidz classes will focus not only on fitness aspect of the Hoopnotica programs but add fun hoop games to appeal to kids of ages 5-15! Kids generally love hula hooping but because of the cheap and light weight plastic of store bought hoops kids are forced to rack their bodies around in all sorts of wacky positions just to get those cheapy hoops to move and those tiny movement hoopers aren't going to get the workout their bodies need to stay healthy either! Kidz Hoop will teach kids the proper hooping techniques that will build their core muscles and teach them proper posture that will last a lifetime!



Adult Hoop classes for ages 16 & Up gives you a true intense workout with the shear fun  & Childhood joy of hula hooping! So many adults swear they couldnt or could barely hoop as a kid so they could never do it now as an adult! Hoopnotica created the HoopnoticaFit & HoopnoticaDance programs to teach all people to hoop & do it correctly & safely! Finally a work out where Laughter becomes one of the best parts of getting fit while having fun! Relieve Your Youth with Hooping!