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Create A Custom Hoop

1)  Choose Hoop Size
24" Minis Set of Two (Hand/Arm Hooping)

30" Toddler (generally ages 1.5-4 years old)        
36" Kids (ages 4-14)         

42" Adults & kids 15 & up (or kids over 5' tall) 

42" Prenatal Hoops ( adult sized but lighter hoops )

44-50" Adult & Prenatal Hoops ( larger than standard hoops)

2) Choose Base Color or Base Design of Character tapes

or Select Choice of Fabric 
Email what you'd like for a fabric design. I will do my best to find a fabric to fit your ideas. If you have fabric you'd like to use we can discus that as well.

3) Choose up to 2 accent colors
(metallic/shimmer colors coming soon....extra cost for specialty tapes)

Order Your Custom Hoops
Email Your choices after Ordering to [email protected]

Great for Personal Use... Weddings... Birthday Parties... School Events... Dance Recitals... Fundraisers... & More!

Toddler Hoop
$17-tape  $22 fabric
Tape Hoop
Fabric Hoop
Kids Hoop
$22-tape  $27 fabric
Tape Hoop
Fabric Hoop

Adult Hoop

$30-tape  $35 fabric

Tape Hoop
Fabric Hoop
Prenatal Hoop
$30-tape   $35 fabric
Tape Hoop
Fabric Hoop

Minis Pair(Hand/Arm hoops)

$35-tape   $40 fabric

Tape Minis
Fabric Minis
Email Design Choices after ordering:
----Choose One Base Color or Pattern Then Up to Two Accent Colors

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Pink & Black

See Patterns in Pictures Shown (not all designs may be available) and pretty much if duck tape makes it, it can be a hoop or Email for other possible options

  Shipping to US states is $8 per hoop. Canada is $20  and International Shipping is $30

Email for pick up/Delivery info. 

Custom Tape & Fabric Hoops
Designs shown are samples of hoops previously designed and the tapes/fabrics used may no longer be available. Most designs are done with duck tape brand tape